“Like any disruptive, creative medium, the GIF is easy to spread and difficult to control”

“in its most essential forms”

“photograph that’s alive”

“humans love repetition”

“enhances online persona – uncharted territory”

“evolution of photography”

I found “The GIF Economy” article to be particularly interesting. Above are some key points from the PBS video that stuck out to me. I think that the article is on point when stated that this could be the new “emoticon”. Within the social web, users are incorporating gifs as not only entertainment, but an expression of themselves and their emotions. It parallels a psychological release – similar in result, but different in method to yoga, smoking, etc. I think the part that attracts users is the fact that it is alive, never-ending. This is incredibly stimulating to the eye in a medium in which users can relate to and find comfort in. What I’ve noticed is that gifs are infectious – whenever a friend and I are in a discussion – and one of us sends a gifs – we end up exchanging a series of 10 or more gifs – often with no words – just emotions. Gifs have the effect of pushing us to express and brand our own persona. It will be interesting to see how different industries such as fashion, decided to adopt and enhance the existence of gifs. LIVE LONG GIFS.


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