Love for Laughing Man’s Hugh Jackman (A1)


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

…we can incubate all of these ideas all of these products, and we can become a place where many stories can be told – there can be many chapters to this book all of which help to uplift the people bringing it to market and the people behind it.”

Jackman founded Laughing Man Worldwide and opened the Laughing Man charity coffee shop in 2011. The social media for Laughing Man Coffee really gives an insider’s view to the life of the brand. The main point that stuck out to me was that Jackman wants to use “his voice” to help society and to help the growth of this company in efforts to help parts of Africa. Through each social outlet, Laughing Man gives a very transparent image of the company – their business activity – and the life of the people behind it. By doing this, it brings that human element to the product where viewers are able to relate and be educated through visuals of a different way of life – the setting for Laughing Man’s coffee beans. I particularly like Laughing Man’s Instagram found here:

Also…T-Swift at it again…


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