Ai WeiWei (A7)

It’s really incredible the level of spread from Ai WeiWei’s determination to fight specific issues. Several people are aware of his efforts due to his expressions via exhibitions, media posts, video, and photography. He’s really utilizing all virtual channels to “disseminate” his ideas and “explore transgovernmental narratives.” After reading this and watching the trailer of “Never Sorry” I can’t wait to learn more about his efforts and most of all – the responses from the public, media and government. I think he is completely correct when he says, “If you don’t act now, the danger becomes stronger.” If you keep waiting for someone else to fight your battles, nothing will ever change.

The documentary is just another representation working to tell Ai WeiWei’s story, but more so bring up the issues and explain his reasonings for doing the things he does. I think it’s so interesting to see how he chooses to represent an idea – simple photography with two or three major elements that work to communicate one idea; it’s incredibly effective. I think Ai WeiWei’s release definitely has something to do with his massive virtual following. I think that if he wasn’t so established in the digital space, they would see no reason to release him or other-words, no sense of urgency to release him.

Ai WeiWei is definitely making a stance and illustrating the importance of these issues to the public. It’s only a matter of time until he gets a more active crowd following to help aide him in the fight. I think, similar to the United States it’s all about persuasion. You have to persuade people to understand why you are doing the things that you are doing and why there is such a high sense of urgency to do so. Ai WeiWei is using his media representations as an object of persuasion to the public. I think what’s most profound is his human-like quality. He doesn’t place himself above anyone else – he is on the same level – embracing equality. His social presence is definitely crucial to his efforts to change the current state of the government and embrace free speech. I think he realizes the extent to which his message can be translated across different channels, and uses his art to capitalize on that: “if there is no free speech, every single life has lived in vain.”


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