Addressing Feminism (A8)

Such an interesting discussion this week! I think the #HeForShe campaign was very powerful and initially raised a driving international awareness among society. I think it’s particularly interesting when Emma Watson mentions that society knows that the “ground is fertile” – meaning that there is a great understanding that women need to be equal to men. We need to not only target women to stand up, but to galvanize men for change. I think there is too large of a preconceived notion of feminists being too aggressive. I think it’s important to realize that you don’t have to be aggressive to promote feminism – meaning, that you don’t have to get into people’s faces and bring about angry or negative emotions in order to persuade others to hear you. It’s about putting forth effort to make this social change well known and encouraging others, as well as yourself, to change current mindsets.

Social media channels have made it incredibly easy for individuals to connect with each other and have discussions through a simple hashtag or two. Like a student said earlier, I also didn’t realize the level of severity regarding this issue. I think painting a picture of the issue as well as transferring it on social media is what really makes a difference. This ongoing feminist conversation has really worked to alter discussions and identifications in society. Nowadays, people are more cautious by checking in with their actions and words to make sure that they are being equal to both genders, regardless of current biases.

One PSA centering on Domestic Violence recently caught my attention. I thought this was a brilliant ad in terms of changing the perspectives of an ongoing viral conversation of the dress; black and blue or white and gold? They used the colors to help the viewers visualize the rising abuse of domestic violence. They brought these colors to life in the ad, making the situation appear all the more realistic and serious. The hashtag associated with this conversation, #TheDress, has been transferred through several different channels, making it a global conversation. I think this is key to build international awareness and engagements of serious issues, only taking seconds to initiate the discussion through a hashtag.



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