++++ Renewable Energy (A9)

The amount of growing influence of renewable energy resources and social media has been incredibly positive over the years. Awareness and activism about the issue has increased with flying colors, so to speak. I think there are several factors to tribute to this influence including the medium, channels, perceptions, environment, and target groups. The blend of these elements is crucial in strengthening initiatives to fight for specific environmental issues. The US has come very far in terms of time and the level of innovation. I think that there can always be improvements to an issue, and that we are never truly at the tipping point for innovation. Environmental conditions are constantly changing, so the focus has to be on adapting to these changes instead of focusing on the end goal.

Right now I think that the US is in a strong state of advocacy on the social change timeline. There have been many strong issues and events listed above that have worked to bring awareness and encourage participation. A big factor within this influence is social media. Many of the hashtags for these movements are associated with certain hashtags, in which people actively search to become familiar with the status of the issue. I did not participate in the People’s Climate March, but felt as though I had a very thorough knowledge of the March via Twitter. I remember searching through tweets, photographs, and articles regarding the March and seeing several different perspectives. I think it’s incredibly important to be aware of the different issues and sides that people are taking to factor in your response. If we keep this up, I think we will continue to see positive effects and hopefully soon, even more dynamic changes to the environmental issues today.



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