#RadStreetArt (A10)

Street art is a subject that has dramatically innovated and transformed over the years. It’s incredible the amount of influence that street art holds, as well as the quick timetable for global awareness. With a simple hashtag, one photograph of say a mural in NYC can be viewed by individuals from all over the world in seconds.

Artists today are becoming incredibly innovative by not only sticking to a canvas, but bringing art to the streets to increase awareness and expose their talents to the world. The battle between Robbo and Banksy was particularly interesting to me. It’s so fascinating to watch two influential street artists communicate via their personal art. What makes the conversation even more engaging is that both individuals are completely unknown to the public, nonetheless each other. The amount of global communication of this ongoing battle was inspiring, simply via social media with the help of photographs and hashtags. I found a particularly interesting article (link below) focusing on Robbo’s perspective of the battle with Banksy.

Graffiti War with Banksy

It’s so interesting to see how the mediums and styles of art have changed over several time periods, yet still embodies the same purpose: not only for visual entertainment, but as a tool for communication of free speech and other crucial topics of discussion. Like King Robbo states in reference to Banksy: “but that’s what he does, never expresses his own opinion, he puts something out and lets people fool themselves, he’s smart in that respect.” The most influential thing about art is that it is subjective. Everyone has a different take, understanding, or influence of art, which makes the argument all the more compelling.



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