Street Art + Icons (A11)

The street-art-activity focus this week slightly increased my followers, but what was the most interesting thing was that it attracted users from very different social industries. A couple corporate-like accounts followed me as well as an artist. This worked to prove the accuracy and speed of connecting users via a simple hashtag.

What was interesting about this focused observation is what I discovered in my own area (Kips Bay/Gramercy). For those of you who are unfamiliar with this area – it’s very clean in terms of street art it’s generally corporate, an advertising hub, “curry hill”, luxury boutique hotels, etc. I found no presence of street art or graffiti during the day. While walking through this area at night however, the graffiti made its appearance. Several artists have tagged roll-down security gates throughout the area. This was the most interesting discovery I made, since it was completely unexpected.

As I explored other neighborhoods of New York I noticed the association that I made with certain restaurants, stores, walls, etc. I found myself remembering a specific location through the street art that it showcased; I remember the location of cafe ___ by it’s yellow lion tag on the securing gate. The influence of street art is huge – it’s essentially overshadowing and characterizing its setting.

Certain icons are well circulated within street art due to several reasons. The fact that that individual is/was a universal celebrity is an indicator, as well as their physical appeal. Characters like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis are particularly known by their physical features, which I believe, carries great weight in terms of influence and attraction.



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